Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tomohawk attack on Greenie!

I have heard a lot about the new curriculum and found that it goes hand in hand with basically very long drawn out missionary discussions. I wish I had the new curriculum in Seminary so that I would be a little better prepared for the mission. I had to find most of that stuff out through personal study and Mission Prep classes but it is now going to be taught everywhere how exciting! 

We got to attend a Chili Cook-off Halloween Party for the Morgan Hill ward on Friday night between the 2 baptisms. It was so so so stressful trying to figure out where we needed to be and talking to who. Our goal was to make sure we introduced ourselves to all the non members who had been invited but it was just a mess of about 350 people everywhere and to make it better they are all in costume. Woo! Well we survived the night. Contacted a few key people. Ate really good chili and in the end had a good night. 

This next week we are trying really hard to figure out where to focus our efforts to get another baptism for this transfer cause new transfers start TODAY! Sadly one of my apartment companions is leaving :( he was my district leader and good friend Elder Goble. It was extremely unexpected cause he is both only half-way through training a greenie like me and he is in a leadership position so it really doesn't make that much sense but it is what President Cook decided so there surely must be a good reason. We are also pretty excited to see who the new Elder will be and have an arsenal of nerf weapons waiting for him back at the apartment. TOMOHAWK THROW! - seemed appropriate because we live 6 miles from the Pechanga Indian Reservation. 

We get to go to the temple next P-day! Super excited to go to the San Diego temple. It's the coolest temple ever except for the Bountiful Temple. 

I have shin splints a pulled calve muscle and athletes foot all on the same leg so I will need to start figuring out how to take care of myself I guess. :) it definitely isn't anything I can't handle though and reminds me of good times playing lacrosse. I do love the fact we have to run every morning though, I know i have said that before. 

I made the mistake of leaving my scriptures on top of our car and driving away. An hour later while walking down the street a car pulled up and we recognized it as the Magee family in our ward. They were holding my scriptures out their car window and I couldn't figure out how in the world they had them. I Suddenly realized what had happen and felt so foolish and embarrased. It was a miracle they happened to see them in the middle of an intersection and snatch them up though. Especially that it was members who did so! The coolest thing is the only damage we found done to them was no damage! What a miracle. I will be more careful in the future for sure. 

Miss the mountains, miss the cold, miss Pink Floyd. Love where I am. :)

Elder Gemperline

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