Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hey Everyone! 

Week 2 here in Temecula was a success. Elder Tetuanui and I really got down to working on our street contacting. It is a lot of fun to meet all sorts of different people. Some of them super nice offering you water and beer cause it's so hot and getting in return an awkward look with a reply that water would be awesome. Some of them not so polite and lets just leave it at that for the sake of mom's sanity. (Just kidding Mom). Not much special actually happened last week. There are a few highlights of course though.

I did get to go on exchanges yesterday with our district lead Elder Goble. He is a 1 eyed skater from New Mexico and American Fork. He was less active all his life till he decided to prepare for a mission. We taught a scripture reading group in the Pauba ward with the youth Sunday night which was super cool. The youth here are exceptional and I respect them deeply for what they deal with. We read 2 Nephi 2 and talked a lot about the fall of Adam and answered lots of hard questions about the conflicting commandments given to Adam and such. Because it was the beginning of October we decided to give them a little proof that big foot exists using the scriptures as well. We had them all pretty spooked but then assured them that it was by no means church doctrine and we were just having a little fun. The next day we asked some parents we stopped by if their kids had asked questions about big foot and they said they surely had ;P

If you would like more accounts of what I teach and people I meet then send an email to lisagemp@gmail.com saying you want my more detailed emails. 

The lord keeps sending people our way as long as we keep working and trying our hardest. On the toughest of days there is always at least 1 experience that makes it all worth it. Always someone you meet that benefits from me being there. I love it. I was kinda concerned that I was not going to get into missionary work as much people say you do but I'm sure starting to realize how it all works and it is pretty awesome. I hope all of you are safe at home. I had the best sushi I've ever had the other day here because Elder Tetunanui really needed his monthly quota of raw fish. 

Take care all! 

Elder Gemperline

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