Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Taylor Directs Traffic

How de doo de! It's still smokin hot! .. well kinda. Last week it cooled down to a high of 72 and felt absolutely glorious. I was walking around feeling right at home and my Tahitian companion was shivering in his big Leather Jacket. It was quite the sight. He's tall. If you didn't notice. He really is. But this week it is climbing again and we have been told the forcast is for 100 again tomorrow and we are more than half way through the month of October! This is just a little too hot for poor old lil old mountain and cold loving me, but I assure you I will survive. :D

This last week I had a really cool experience. I have been trying hard to drop by and talk to a Less Active Part Member family in the ward. We talked to them 2 weeks ago and they said to come back cause they were having family issues. The next time I visited I asked why we hadn't seen them coming to church for so many years and the father told me to come back the next week and he would finally sit down and talk with us. Well the next week (being this past week) we went and tried to get a hold of them almost everyday, but each time to no avail. We finally approached the door wednesday and it was already open with just a screen door blocking the front. We called in to see if anyone was home. The mother appeared out of no where and looked pretty ill and panicked. We asked if we could help her with anything and she said no, her husband is just asleep and she doesn't need anything. I was afraid we had just woken up the husband so I said oh no! DId we just wake him up!? and she replied we had not because he was just sick and resting, not actually asleep. I felt bad that he was sick and felt prompted to again ask if we could be of service. She said no but I persistently asked a third time. She said finally giving in that she really really really needed to pick up the kids from work but didn't want to leave her sick husband alone and asked us if we could watch him and help him if he needs it while she takes 10 minutes to pick the kids from school. We gladly accepted and she brought the husband out onto the front porch. 

The husband was not just sick. He had been hospitalized for 3 or 4 days because he had a major seizure. He was drugged beyond belief. He was sitting in his chair in the garage and he was rolling his head around on top of his torso and couldn't keep his eyes open. He was constantly chanting under his breath and it was the closest thing I've ever seen to a possessed being. Before we could tell his wife that it was a bad idea that we watch him because of liability issues she was in the car and gone to get the kids. Elder T and I just stood there like idiots praying in the back of our heads "Please don't let this man die!!!" We tried to make conversation with him but he would not answer any of our questions but instead interrogate us with questions like "Who sent you." and "what do you want from me." He was extremely paranoid. He kept telling us not to surround him. After about 15 minutes of this he suddenly just jumped up and started staggering like a L4D2 zombie across the street. Elder T tried to tell him to stop and he just screamed no! I got in front of him and he shoved me out of the way. It was clear we could do nothing to stop him so we directed traffic around him. Upon reaching the other side of the street he ran up some steps and opened the door and called inside. A terrified owner of the house, a lady in her 50's, was trying to stop him as he burst through and said "These men are trying to follow me!" I explained to her what the situation was and we got him sitting down and his wife showed up and Elder T and I went home swearing to never agree to watch over sick people again. We were definitely protected that day from a horrible fate. 

Sunday comes around - 4 days later- and we are in Ward Council. The bishop expresses that he talked to the wife of this family the night after our experience for a very long time about what could be done for her husband and so forth. They got acquainted and the missionary opportunity is now golden because she is indeed not a member. He also told us that after his visit he called the wife's mother who is a member and the mother of the wife told the bishop that the wife had told her that we were an answer to a prayer. The wife had had enough. She couldn't do it anymore. So she knelt down for one of the first times in her life and prayed that there would be a way that she could get her kids and her husband would also be alright. When she had said amen there was a shout from the other room and she got up walked to the door and saw 2 elders, A tall brown one and a short one with glasses, standing there at the door. Elder T and I had no idea of what had occurred in that moment. It is amazing! Prayer Totally Works.

Peace Love and Joy. Just like all the tacky wall decorations say.

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