Tuesday, October 9, 2012

No girls to Date?

Well this week was good. I'm starting to get significantly more tired. I feel like I am sleeping well despite the lumpy bed and snoring companion. It gets especially hard when we get up at 530 to shop at Walmart on P-day like today. Conference of course was amazing! All the Elders (20) who were in the stake center were freaking out at the new announcement. We all think it is super cool and super scary and mixed feelings just everywhere. Many are afraid that because girls can go out sooner there will be no girls to date when they get back from their missions. Quite a silly proposition but so it goes for men of this age.

The lord watches out for his missionaries! He really does, due to their faith, their purpose here or the prayers of those around the world I know not what to credit it to but I've seen it. Just a small thing that happened this week was that I was stopped having dinner with an elderly couple in our ward at Chipotle by a rough looking man in his upper 20's. Looked a lot like shaggy but with a full beard instead of just a goatee. He had some very strange questions for us about Pre-destination and other really deep doctrinal bible things that we believed that matter not that much. We got his address and he invited us to breakfast to discuss our answers since we were currently more or less indisposed. While this was happening I was not with big ol' Elder T' but I was with Elder Foster and it was our first time out without a senior missionary. In other words, he got to the mission field the day that I did and both of us were kinda lost. haha him more than me since he didn't know the area so I basically was flying solo for the 24 hour period. Well we both felt horrible about the situation and when we went to bed we prayed that no harm would come to us when we went to this man's house. 5 minutes after our prayer we got a text saying that this man was very ill and going to the hospital so he would not be meeting with us. After relaying the story back over to our senior companions at the end of our exchange Elder T looked at the address and instantly said "OH, Elder! That's the bad house on the corner!" I guess his last companion had been attacked by these same people earlier that year and they were very hostile to the church. 

The weather is finally cooling down! Woooo! It might even rain this week which is surprising cause I hardly ever see a cloud in the sky. I hope you all are doing well and hope school is going well for those of you at the University of Utah! Hit me up with that collab! You know who you are. Same with you people at Smith's who may be reading? Lets just include everyone shall we!

Well I am happier than I have ever been I do believe. I know I am where I need to be and I'm with some of the worlds greatest people here as well. In fact, Elder Nelson of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles recently visited my mission and told us all that we were the best looking group of missionaries he had ever seen. We wear it proud here in Carlsbad California.

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