Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Greatest thing happened this morning as we got into the car to write letters. I turned on the car and the MP3 started playing and it was turned up extremely loud for some reason and instantly it just started blasting HALLEELLLUJAH!!!!! It was pretty funny. Tradition now to listen to the Hallelujah chorus on our way to check emails. 

Well this week was a great week for me. I don't know why cause it didn't result in as much success as we were hoping but for some reason I was just happy all the way through it. I have been running 4-5 miles every morning and am coming down with a horrible case of shin splints. I need to go get a wrap for them but as I walk around and feel the pain in my shins I love the fact that I'm going to be in the end stronger. The same day I was feeling rather sick because I had eaten a 1/2 pound giant hot dog cooked in Ghost Pepper Powder the night before but I was so happy (and it was sooooo delicious. If i can eat 2 + a basket of fries + a soda I get my picture on the wall. I think I might do it.) So as I walked around the streets wanting to throw up and having a horrible headache I was so happy. This happiness hit me about Saturday morning. The week before that I was having a horrible time with homesickness. Then I just started focusing on my work Saturday and something happened. That thing that happened is i just developed a Pure Love for everyone I come in contact with. Those people who we teach I just love to death and hope so very much I can be a good enough missionary for them. For instance here are a few examples.

It was late at night and Elder T and I were out of people to visit. We were walking around looking for people to contact which is usually fairly unsuccessful after dark. We were marveling at some awesome Halloween decorations and as we came to every corner I felt like I really needed to know in which direction the spirit wanted me to go. I would say a little prayer at every corner and eventually we ended up in a col de sac and I figured I was just being silly. We could hear kids screaming up the street. We went up and saw a younger woman with 2 children, trying to get them out of their car seats. I said "Hello, we are missionaries from the church of jesus christ of latter day saints and we are walking around looking for people that we can help as well as that will listen to our message that families can be together forever. Would you like to hear it?" She looked back and without hesitation said yes. I froze. I couldn't comprehend that simple word "yes." I thought that maybe Elder T was playing a trick on me and this was already a member. After stuttering for about 20 seconds I got her name and number and address and she said to call in a few days to set something up since she was busy that weekend. We will call her later today to set that up. 

Another family I absolutely love is the Gutierrez family. They are a Mexican family from Guadalijara or however you spell it. They are the most devote Roman Catholic family I think I've ever seen. Two of their daughters work full time at a convent down the street. They however have one little black sheep who was converted by  her boyfriend and is now serving an LDS mission in South Houston. We went over to visit the family and they speak a little English but not too much. Enough that we can communicate clearly. and they said they loved us and enjoyed the peace of mind they brought about who their daughter is and what she is doing. They invited us to dinner Saturday night so we accepted. Upon arriving saturday night they told us the Hermanas or Spanish Speaking Sisters were invited as well. As they said this they walked into the room and Elder T and I just laughed. For the next 2 hours the entire dinner was in Spanish and Elder T and I just sat awkwardly filling our faces while the Hermanas did their work with the family since they spoke spanish and related better. I couldn't stop smiling at the awkward situation and the love I had for this family that reminded me constantly of my fathers family. The food was AMAZING and as authentic mexican as you can get. I never have eaten so much in my entire life. They are an awesome family. 
Well The weather has finally cooled down as well. it's now basically always 68 degrees which I think is lovely. Elder T with his Tahitian brown skin is freezing and it makes me laugh. I met a Jehovah's Witness missionary yesterday at the library with a cool shoulder bag I told them I wanted one and they said they would try to get one for me then meet me here right now at the library to buy it off her. She didn't show up and now I am quite put out. haha I wanted a smaller bag that can hold my materials but not so big that its a hastle to carry around. Well love to you all.

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