Sunday, July 22, 2012

Was looking for a background to my blog. Found this. I think it was pretty sweet.


Hey everyone, so I had the great opportunity to go through the temple this last weekend and recieve my endowment. I just wanted to say that I am so very grateful for this beautiful life here on earth. It is such a special and simple blessing we all take for granted everyday. I'm also so very grateful for the restored gospel which I have been so lucky to recieve and accept and all that it helps me with in life. It's really cool that we have houses of the lord here on the earth that we can visit and feel so greatly his spirit and love. I can definitely now see why it is so important that I go on a mission and invite others to come unto christ and visit the temple for themselves and find the great joy that comes with all of it!
Hola! This is my first post in this here missionary blog! Here I will have my wonderful mother post letters and mission pictures while I am away for those who want to keep updated on what is going on. Hopefully it turns out well!

I'm super excited to be heading out to California Carlsbad English Speaking mission in just a matter of weeks! It will truly be a unique experience for me. I've done most of the shopping and preparing I need to and i'm just collecting the last little loose items left that are required. I need to get back to setting up the blog but I'll post again a few times before I leave!