Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I will Go I will Do

I have this thing with having too many things in my pockets, especially when wearing slacks. The keys to the car have this giant clicker button to lock and unlock the car and I always hate having to carry around a large set of keys. Well I decided early in the week to take the clicker off and keep it in the apartment and just carry around the key. It was a great Idea until we locked our keys in the car. We got a ride to the apartment 6 miles away from the people who we had just eaten dinner with which was very kind of them and broke in through the windows of our apartment. Fast forward 2 days and Elder Tetuanui and I find ourselves looking through a locked window at keys sitting on the floor of the car yet again. Boy I think I need to pick up my marbles. Twice in one week. Never again.

On a more serious note. We have had a pretty good week in that we got in and have really managed to rally the wards to do missionary work. We spent the week visiting a lot of key members of both wards just asking them to invite friends to special events or visiting with quorum presidencies about what we can do to help them achieve their goals while at the same time what they can do for us to achieve our goals. We got a lot of referrals out of it and needless to say we have a ton of potential in the wards now. We have 6 or 7 people that are just on the verge of really taking the lessons and really making some progress. We pray and try to live worthy that we will have the blessing of each of these people who are so close to the most important thing in this life coming and finding it. It really has been a few weeks of just planting seeds. On paper it looks like we've not done much but in reality its been a pretty successful week.

For instance we were told simply by a member that they had a neighbor who had lost his wife a month ago. We stopped by the house called the man by name and told him we were representatives of Jesus Christ who would just like to share the message that Families can be together forever even after death. He said he would love to hear it and we set up an appointment on Monday. He seemed genuinely excited and like he was almost surprised to see us there. What a promising seed.

We had an awesome Primary Program on Sunday. This one little boy would throw both arms in the air and scream " I will GOOOOO i will DOOOOOOO!" everytime it came to that line of the song. The whole ward was on their faces laughing so hard, some even crying at how cute and commanding he was. After it was over the bishop went up and said "Surely as a bishop I will always go and do as the lord wants, but even as the savior needed the apostles in the Garden of Gethsemane I need people to help me, and a certain young man up here on the stand is first on my list cause he will surely go and do and get things done." It was an awesome joke and like the highlight of my week. One of my favorite sunbeams in the ward also faceplanted it off the stage which, though bad, was totally awesome too. :)

Hope you all are enjoying that lovely fluffy stuff. I have to endure this awful 70 degree weather. Boy do people think I am weird around here.

Love you all, Elder Gemperline
Taylor Gemperline
12:10 PM (1 hour ago)

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