Monday, January 13, 2014

Mission Viejo YSA

Well our research was correct and I am back in Mission Viejo Stake but this time as a ZL. We are in the Saddleback YSA ward. It is a very interesting dynamic. The bishop and 1st counselor I know well already since they are from Las Flores and SM wards. I keep running into old familiar faces as well. Lots of the people I have interviewed for baptism are in this ward so that is pretty fun.
My new Companions are Elder Mackey and Elder Freeman. I apologize profusely for no picture. We honestly haven't taken one yet. I don't have any excuse for that other than it just hasn't happened yet.
Elder Freeman is from sugar house in SLC. He is a happy jolly guy. Excited to do the work. Well prepared. We are glad to have him along. He also has bright red hair just like Elder Hegland predicted a week before we met him :P
Elder Mackey is from Manti UT. He knows many people from Delta so that would be a name to bounce to the kin folk there. Jordan Mackey. Got it? Good. He is a good missionary at least. We are doing our best to keep the zone on a good course. We disagree on a lot of things but it is all about compromise. We will see what happens.
Being in a singles ward is interesting. We spend a lot of time at the saddleback college institute. We attend different ward activities. We  have a lot of fun in the process. I mean I got to play ultimate Frisbee on Saturday morning for the first time in almost 2 years! I was so happy! The ward mission leader Scott Sylvia is like a second me. It's pretty interesting how alike we are.
Well that is a good idea of where I'm at now. Really looking for some new people to teach.  Love you all!  
--Elder Gemperline

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