Monday, January 27, 2014

Buffalo wings and Fiberglass Girlfriends

This week went well. Crazy as usual but you get enough of that from me.

            We were able to get a lesson set up with M for yesterday. We met up with him and his friend who was baptized  and is coming back to activity. We met up with them and M has broken his leg in a longboarding accident. Boy did we relate well. :P. We went to a park overlooking the ocean because their home is a little less conducive to the spirit. There, we were able to teach M the first discussion and commit him to be baptized. He is really making a lot of changes in his life right now and he wants to really include a relationship with God to all the changes. He is so prepared it is crazy. I love him.  

 We had a crazy dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. Those wings get hot. Forewarned.

            I have had the opportunity to re-teach a less active,, who lives in the Las Flores ward boundaries. He is YSA age now and we finally got him out to an activity! The sad part is he didn't show up until we had to leave so we don't know how he liked it or if anyone connected with him. I have put so much energy into this kid. I want him to come back so bad!  We'll get him.

I went on an exchange in Ladera Ranch again. It was like returning to a former area which was pretty fun. I'm getting along well with my companions. We all just have completely different personalities so it is pretty funny.  

            Forget the future. Can't I just come back to California and live on the beach for a few months like so many people do here? It sounds like a great fun way to blow 6 months of my life. All I hear in the YSA ward is….. the best girlfriend is about 5'10, and fiberglass.  Surfing.  I'd enjoy it. :P
--Elder Gemperline

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