Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Slump Day

We had a hard week work wise in our ward but I still felt pretty accomplished at the end of it. We had Mission Leadership Council again and this one went really well. People were lively. They were excited. They were open and prepared for what was to be given. We discussed and counseled how we could better implement the new teaching method. We discussed how we could be better leaders in the mission. All of it was good and applicable especially to me today in the transfer I am in. The real sad part was hearing Elder Risk Bear his testimony. He leaves in a little less than 2 weeks and has been a good friend my entire mission. The choir is also going to really miss him as he has been its lead conductor throughout its existence.

            Well, I woke up this week on a particular day and realized it was my Slump day. Freak! How can it be slump day!

            I went on another exchange with the Assistants as well. For some reason every time we do an assistant exchange I end up in their area and never mine. That's alright though. It's a whole different world up there in Santa Anna. I got a lot of good ideas from Elder Wall as to how I could improve my relationship with my companions and my zone and I have set the goals I need to help us all out. :)

            I finally bought some new slacks last week. Actually,   I'm completely broke for this month :). I borrowed a Costco card from Mama Webber and we went and spent all our money at Costco on Rice, Protein, Chicken, SALMON PATTIES!  and then at Burlington Coat Factory for slacks. Now I have 20 bucks to survive the rest of the month. :) I should make it though. I am super happy to have the new slacks. Did you know Nordstrom is REALLY REALLY REALLY EXPENSIVE!?!?!      I didn't believe Elder McGary but he was right. :P


            Last, but not least, this last week Elder Mackey and I came up with the idea to set a goal as a zone to get 165 lessons total. This would be record breaker if we accomplished it and would really help our zone members realize their potential to teach. As incentive we set up with the stake presidency to get us into a trampoline park for free if we get the goal. Wish us luck! We are setting up as many appointments as we possibly can.

Well love you all! Keep up all the good work and stories of successful missionary moments.
I really enjoyed getting the letter from you Beau and will play StarCraft with you when I get home.
--Elder Gemperline

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