Friday, December 27, 2013

Merriest of Christmas'

To all who have been curious about our mission choir here are some recordings of it! Sorry the quality isn't the greatest. We definitely don't have the greatest equipment but you can at least get a taste of it. We sang on the streets of Nellie Gail in front of the super Christmas Lights house that always ends up on you tube.

We also went with Foothill this Wednesday. It was great to get Elder G into a few investigator lessons because he is a brand new missionary VISA waiting for Brazil. We taught J a powerful lesson with he and Elder M helped out with getting her to commit to a baptismal interview. At the end of the Lesson she asked "Don't you just feel this positive energy! Does everyone here feel that?" in her middle eastern accent. It was hilarious and we pointed out AGAIN that what she was feeling was the holy ghost. Yesterday at Church we got President Lutz to come down after many scheduling conflicts and she passed her interview. The interview was during 2nd hour of church and right when she came out we kinda jumped on her and made her set a date so we could announce the baptism 3rd hour. :) She was happy with it though! SO WE ARE HAVING ANOTHER BAPTISM ON CHRISTMAS EVE!   WOOOoooooo! This one is going to be so cool like the last one!

 We were also able to help a complete stranger pray to God for the first time in their life with us during a first lesson during the exchange. The investigator, had each of us pray a number of times then after talking about if there is a God and what his nature is we had her pray. She at first was ok with it but when she went to do it she said she just felt so wrong and evil because she didn't even believe he was there. We explained straight up that that was Satan trying to stop her. We convinced her to at least try it and see what happened. She tried really hard and finally eeked out a prayer. Afterward she threw up her arms and said "I feel great! It is all gone! Now I just feel good!" Really cool experience.

Well last but not least Reggie got baptized on Saturday! It was an amazing baptism. We had old missionaries drive down from Salt Lake to be there and over 100 people showed up! When everyone showed up 5 minutes before hand and walked in all at once he was just in tears at the support he was getting.  The talks given were amazing, one of which was a member whose life had actually been saved by his wife's advice once and the other speaker the person who introduced their son to the church. The spirit was strong!  
The only downside is I woke up that day with the WORST Sinus Infection I have ever had. Thank goodness Elder Hegland has On Guard Essential Oil stuff that helped. It was gone in 48 hous but it was a hard day for me.

Well Merry Christmas Everyone! Mele Kalikimaka as we say in the Irvine Misison! 

--Elder Gemperline

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