Sunday, September 29, 2013

To da Beach       
                                                                                                                                      Sept 23rd  
Mmmmm Now I know why Laguna Beach is the coveted area in the mission. Elder Merrit my Zone Leader took me on an exchange in his area to the city of Laguna Beach. It’s a city built into the mountain right on the coast and I spent the next 24 hours there. We met this super drunk guy who had multiple degrees from Princeton. He gave us 20 copies of his self-published book on mothers that was just awful to read. We gave him a B o fM in return. Just lots of stuff happening. Spent the last hour teaching in a home with the greatest view from the top of the mountain just looking down the coast. Couldn't get the greatest shot but I can send you pictures that give you an idea. They even have their own little 12 x 12 shack to live in which was pretty sweet and quiet in the woods. 

I joined the new Irvine Mission Choir this week.  Pretty crazy. 

We had a great exchange with Elder Heglands last companion Elder Jung and his new companion Elder Stevens. They are both pretty new missionaries co-training Elder Merril.

Last night Elder Richards of the 70 dropped into the mission for just 2 hours. During that time he gave us an on the spot talk and said he felt impressed to tell us something important and then really NAILED us with a talk on being obedient. Oh it was so beautiful and refreshing to be scolded. I'm so glad I can improve there and hope missionaries around me also got that desire. At the meeting I saw Elder VQB and he seemed to look real well. It was nice to see.

Last night we had a really cool miracle happen! We were on our way to an investigators home that we STILL haven't been able to get in contact with since we got here and we then realized we didn't have his house number. We gave up and went to our back up plan that was a less active that has been on my mind. Honestly just a name in a book. Never heard mention of her from anyone. We showed up and B came out and just expressed she was so glad to see us!  She wanted to come back to church greatly because she sees the happiness of the LDS people. She begged us, literally got on her knees and begged us to take the discussions! "Well, I guess if you're going to ask that way we HAVE to submit and let you have the discussions." OF COURSE! We testified of the atonement and got to know her a bit more. It is so sweet to save a soul and help it get rid of that awful guilt. During the meeting you could tell the spirit really buoyed her up and let her know she could do it and it was right.

While walking back to the car I was on the phone with our WML Bro Kubat. I was explaining the miracle until I yelled STOP ELDER BARTELL! Elder Bartell freezes and I run up to him and pull him about 5 ft. backwards and point. Then he sees the spider he almost ran into. It was the size of my hand almost! Just chillin on its web. I continue to give our message to Bro Kubat and divert myself 20 ft around the web while Elder S and B take pictures of the spider.  Suddenly I hit something and hear this awful scream from my companions and I start flailing my arms and hissing because I realized too late a spider that big can make a web the size of a house. Snap! I wish I had a recording of that voice message. 

Love you all! I'm happily staying here for a while. 

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