Wednesday, October 9, 2013

General Conference is always a treat. I really soaked it up and just ate every word given. I felt like I really walked out of the meetings with just such a determination to be better and like I just hadn't given my all quite yet. I also walked out with a full belly because of our awesome zone lunch but that is another story. 

I went to the first official Irvine Mission Choir meeting last Wednesday as an official member. It was fun but I feel like I'm getting lost at the moment. Suddenly choir classes would have come in handy. Haha good thing most of the choir is lost with me. :P

Last Tuesday night we found a Praying Mantis in our bathroom. We captured it and named it "She-Bear" after the story of the she-bears eating the kids after they laughed at Elisha's bald head. We keep it on our front porch and feed it crickets and Daddy long legs. It's really disgusting to be honest but it really entertains my companions  :P. 

We had a rough lesson this week. . He has taken discussions with missionaries for almost 15 yrs now and still doesn't know if he believes in God. Of course no missionaries prior to us had actually discovered this. We really well described what faith is and how he can act in faith but when it came to inviting him to really search the scriptures daily and pray to find out. He said he just isn't ready. It is going to take a lot of time to soften his heart to that point. 

We also had a lesson with a family where the  daughterhas not yet been baptized but really wants to be a member of the church. We went over for dinner, had a short lesson on baptism and the holy ghost and invited her to be baptized. We extended the invitation and she said yes. We tried to set a date to do it on and the Mom said "we will talk about that later." In other words she doesn't plan on it happening anytime soon.  . 

So a sad week but fine because at least we are making steps of progression in the area of sifting through who isn't yet ready! We are trying hard to find one of the Lord's Elect to teach. The goal is 3 baptisms before the end of the year. I'm fully committed. We're going to do it. We already have 1 planned for November. Her name is Nat. She is at BYU as a non-member and is being taught up there but she is getting baptized down here so we will technically be counting it.

Well we are really crunched on time because it was a temple day. I love you all. Love the weather cooling down finally. It was a high of 73 today. Isn't that just awful? :P Spoken like a true Californian. 

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