Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Leaving Las Flores

District of Las Flores  

So I found something this week that I didn't realize I didn't learn all that great as a child or teenager and that is how to take flattery and lots and lots of compliments. I'm being transfered out of Las Flores and I arrived to church rather early Sunday morning. Many people quickly caught on that I was leaving because I had previously announced I would signify it by wearing a green tie. The Perkins, a couple from Hawaii brought me a Cocona Shell Lay from Hawaii. They said it is always given to a departing guest of honor and that I must hang it over a picture of my "ohanna" - family to bring them luck through our lives. Not necessarily approved to wear but I wore them proudly. The meeting was wonderful and I was touched by so many testimonies. Rob got up who we have worked with very closely in keeping him active since he had been baptized in April. He explained how his love has grown for the Book of Mormon Exponentially with our meetings and meals together over the past months. I love him. One member of the ward, Bro. Keawakane got up and bore testimony that recent converts truly are the life blood of the church. They are so powerful in their testimonies and their activity. Everything they do takes such leaps of faith but they always tend to follow through. He ended with stating that it was because of faithful and persistent missionaries. He then said the blasphemy that "If I was in the Irvine mission and had the opportunity to pick one companion as a trainer from amongst them all I would pick Elder Gemperline. He is one sharp young man and I have had the greatest experience with him in my home." Yet again I still have no idea how to react to that... 

Anyway, the point is I am really going to miss this ward. The Webber family got to give us a fantastic goodbye dinner with delicious ribs on Saturday. We  enjoyed the fantastic dinner together. 

This week was also the HOTTEST WEEK OF MY LIFE. It has been 100+ degrees with 90% humidity for 8 days straight now and I am SOOOO SICK OF IT>. Some random people we tracted into were super kind to give us really well working thermos' to keep Ice water in so we can have cold water all day long. It isn't even that I don't like the heat as much as just the fact that I am always wet and sweat drips down my back and face way too much and then we smell awful and feel awful. But I'm in SoCal... So I should probably stop complaining. :D 

I have been really reminiscent this week as I have been travelling about with Elder VQB . Him taking over the area will be a fantastic thing and It will give himgrowing opportunities. I will miss him but I am also looking forward to my new companion and son. Elder VQB is going to have a brother again. 

This transfer is weird because I could be White Wash Training, or even becoming a Zone Leader and Tri-panionship training though the later is much less likely. It will be exciting to see. Well I love you all and will tell you all about it next week! Goodbye Las Flores! <3

Webber Family
Geis Family

Bike Squad

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