Thursday, July 18, 2013

Taylor Gemperline    Pump It UP  July 16 2013

This week has been fantastic. I actually have a lot I want to talk about but I will throw the shock and awe line first! We taught the Peter Pan and Wendy at Disneyland! He's really cool! hahaha The main actors at Disney Land for Peter Pan and Wendy are a part member family in our ward. I didn't know it until a member told us the other day. Then I realized they were totally right and they did look like Peter Pan and Wendy. :P Gotta get a picture. 

Anyway, This week we saw many many miracles. We went by on Sunday a members house just on a whim as we past by their street to find a Lock Box on their door. For fear that they unexpectedly moved we saw their nieghbor was sweeping out his garage and we went to go ask him about the box. We began to just talk about life and he began to express that he saw small miracles every day from prayer. His wife and children came out and after small talking for about 15 minutes we were able to get the conversation even more and more gospel oriented until we had taught the entire first lesson. This couple committed to reading the Book of Mormon together at night and praying to know if it is true and it was really cool! We even got a return appointment! Yayayayay what a miracle! FInally some new people to teach and help :)

We have been doing a lot of tracting and finding on our own and it has been successful in picking up a few potentials and I've just been trying to smile more and I really just enjoyed this last week. I love love love the people in this ward and I want to help them so much and see people REPENT! 

This last week we had a Zone Training meeting where we talked about how we need to be calling repentance more. We love the wards we live in and they love us back, but we are also not here to just make friends but we need to be challenging families. Asking them to do the hard things and the hard questions. With Tact, Kindness and love of course but I feel I could definitely better myself in that way. TIme to "Be a little Bolder."

This last week we also got 1 on 1 interviews with President and Sister Orgill. President Orgill is just so loving and happy. He reminds me a lot of Bishop Freeman to be honest. Just a loving man. We talked a lot about the people whom I know in the mission and a lot about my background. About home and what I did before I came. What i've done on my mission and what I plan to do. It was such a short time but I really enjoyed getting to know him a little closer. We are making so many changes it is exciting. I only ran 3 times this last week! Instead we went to the appartment gym and we can lift on the machines there :) So now I'm trying to get big again! It feels fantastic. I don't want to stop running though! I just want to do it all! Being fit is funnnnnnnnn! (I'm sure Elder VanQ is pretty sick of my health kick at this point). 

Last but not least, I"M SO EXCITED FOR ELDER D GEMPELRINE! He is going to be set apart tonight and then he and I will have a bond in serving the Lord. I'm so so so excited for what he is about to experience. Ah I get all physically excited and upidy about it. I also have "Daniel My brother" stuck in my head and that Cats in the Craddle song stuck in my head. He will be such a fantastic missionary and I'm sure he'll be AP in no time... no i don't want to wish that on him. He'll be a trainer in no time. Ya that is so much better. Best of luck and prayers to him! 

<3 Elder Gemperlines

Elder Jones is going to the MTC the same day as Elder D Gemperline. He is leaving from the Las Flores ward where Taylor is.   He is transfering a  hug from one brother to another.  How sweet is that?

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