Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A new mission is Formed

           Forbidden Lands      July 9 2013

So we got to go up to the forbidden land of desolation that is in the land northward - Irvine. We all met as a mission for the first time in the Irvine Stake Center. It was great because we all walked in the room and they had Carlsbad Missionaries seperate from the Anaheim missionaries. Later on in the activities we left the room and went into another and upon returning everything just said Irvine missionaries on it. Cheesy but symbolic and it worked. I met a Chinese Speaking Elder from Anaheim who came up to me and knew basically everything about me. Frankly, I had never even heard his name before. Turns out he joined the Fencing Team at Davis the Month I left it because of the Demo's I would put on during lunch and the assemblies. 

President Orgill spoke to us giving us a good intro. HE SERVED IN TONGA UNDER ELDER GROBERG!!!! He has some of the most amazing stories I've ever heard. He only gave us a sneak peak but he said that the movie "Otherside of Heaven" is pretty darn accurate for every day occurances in his mission. He said that he has been in an 8 foot Canoe under the crest of a 70 foot wave praying that his family would be comforted because there was not way he was going home. Here he is though, the bubbly, lovable mission president and his wife in the Irvine mission. He really does seem like one of the most approachable loveable guys ever. Really kinda loose as well. He is basically the polar opposite of President Cook. 

We are trying to figure out what rules are actually rules and in the midst we discovered that the Carlsbad Mission was known by missions around it as a "strict" mission. I never thought it was and still don't, I just think everyone else was loose :P. We will have interviews 1 on 1 tomorrow with President Orgill. Should be good. 

This week we finally saw the great blessing of a new investigator! We a few weeks ago ran into a large black man who came out of his house yelling at us. Well this Saturday we were finally able to meet with him and teach him the Restoration. Well, we tried our best to do so. He has a really good friend from work whom he talks to a lot about the church so he has a general idea. We talked a lot during the appointment about blacks and the history of the church with allowing them to hold the Priesthood. It is a real stumbling block for him. Our response was limited but we promised an appointment with him where he could meet our Elders Quorum President whom is also black. So we hope to have that lesson tonight! 

Yesterday we walked about in the 100+ degree weather for 5 hours and were finally let into a home. A man whom is starting his own buisness with a product to naturally help diabetics was on a down moment and upon seeing us drenched in sweat and exhausted let us in. We had a short lesson which was cut off by an important phone call from an investor but we got 2 new investigators in a few days which is FANTASTIC! Maybe we will finally be able to get some people to teach!

This week I've also been on a health kick! I love salad and chicken. I had a BLT one day. Some members gave us a bag of fruit and peaches and I just can't stop eating them! MMMMmmmmm Scurvy be gone. It is the best for a missionary. 

Other than that i'm just SUPER tired because the heat is taking it out of me but I'm happy. Love the ward and I am afraid I may be transfered in 2 weeks from now but it is what it is. We will see what happens. 

--Elder Gemperline

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