Tuesday, July 23, 2013

 District and Assistants

Well this week was pretty cool! I went to district meeting with my Brother  tie on which Elder D Gemperline has his Brother tie on his mission. I had my Tie Clip from Elder T and I was feeling grand and happy for my brother to leave into the MTC that day! As I was pondering this thought the Zone Leaders burst into my district meeting and said quick set up two more chairs! Then the Assistants to the President walked in. So it was fun to be able to have them a part of my district meeting and things went very smoothly. Afterwards they pulled me aside with the zone leaders and gave me a whole bunch of different ways I could improve. Great suggestions on better demonstrations and time management, but especially on holding my calling and the power that comes with it to the best of my abilities. 

Then we had a pretty slow week because there were just a lot of last second cancellations with investigators sadly. We have had a lot of members in the ward inviting friends to hear missionaries or come to dinner with them and stuff like that and it has been really really exciting to see that and I was just so happy to see the small miracles throughout the entire week. 

Transfer calls came in and I'm not getting moved and neither is my companion! We will be together a total of 15 weeks at the end of this transfer. 
I benched the most I've ever benched in my life yesterday. I felt so buff until I went and saw the Polynesian Fire Knife dancers. I want to look like them someday 0.o. Then I realized my trainer looked like them. He so did. ... just minus all the muscle and scary. :D Nah but it was a really big stress reliever. We had to have a Less active recent convert or investigator there for us to be there and see the show and just minutes before hand we still had no one sadly. I said a silent prayer that someone would show and Rob gave us a call upon saying Amen. He came and we were able to convince him to stay for at least half the show. Then a random lady approached us and explained she was alone and lost! It was Elder Gremillion, a good friend of mines, recent convert and I am just so glad she said something cause we enjoyed her presence throughout the rest of the show. there are some strong people who are willing to act in faith just as she did. Her conversion story is FANTASTIC! She was playing a star wars video game online when she found a clan or group called the gadianton robbers. She joined that group because of their no mature content policy. Soon enough she was asking questions to who the names were like Korihor and Corianton. Then she asked who the Strippling Warriors were whom was their rival clan. These two clans consisted of about 70% return missionares. She is now baptized. :) Video game technology win for GOD! Anyway, the PCC dances were really cool and I love that place and their people and shows. 

Alright well I'm out of time because of transfers today but I must also let you know that Elder V discovered yesterday that when a mexican says a food is hot IT'S HOT!  and so delicious to me :DDDD

Alright Chill, Love everyone. Ha be with you 
--Elder Gemperline

Brother's Tie

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