Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Walking, Talking and Helicopters

Talking and Walking March 12, 2012

Talking to so many people can be pretty exhausting. We talked to so many people today as we look for more people to teach but it is ok. The weeks always have their highlights. I apologize if there isn't as much content in this letter as others. I have a cold currently that I came down with the other day. Super simple common cold. I'm just a little more tired and a little less focussed, so deal with me.

I feel like I'm really getting in shape pretty well now. We run a ton every morning, walk everywhere around town. We walk around because it is significantly easier to talk to people if we are walking rather than biking and in this part of town everyone is out on the sidewalks so there are lots of people to talk to.

On Sunday was Ryan's farewell, so he leaves to England for his mission Tomorrow morning, but I still have my good friend Zach Farr. He is another ward missionary who is waiting to leave for his mission. He is a WHOvian gamer and we have a lot in common. He knows Kalen Black really well which was a weird discovery. We should having him out with us often from here on out if things go well.

OH SOMETHING EXCITING I JUST REMEMBERED. So Friday morning we are weekly planning and we start hearing this Helicopter. It passes over our appartment like 6 times and suddenly there is this loud speaker that just comes down and can be heard everwhere. We couldn't tell what it was saying but we were thinking it was coming from the Helicopter that was circling. We got out of the appartment and started asking people what it said. We were told that it said to get in your houses and lock the doors cause there is an Armed Felon in the area. Ah man it was great. I guess there was a man who escaped from a prison in Oceanside and he made it to some abandoned appartments about a 1/4 mile from our appartments (Other side of a busy highway.) They got him eventually but it was pretty interesting to hear about. I guess that isn't too uncommon in Carlsbad, no one seemed to be freaking out or anything. It was almost an everyday thing for the residents in the area.

Things are really just falling into a Groundhog day Idea. Everyday is the same. It gets really bad if you don't take the effort to find joy in the small things. Yesterday I took my mountain bike on a quick side trail and jumped some tree stumps and did some stunts and it was EXACTLY what i needed. OH GOSH DO I MISS THE MOUNTAINS! ;( I Dream of snowboarding .. wait no I actually did last night. Snowboarding with Doctor Who ... What a great Dream. but at the exact same time. When I get to talk to people on the street and I see people come closer to Christ and Just SMILE! I am so happy to be a missionary. It is so good to put on that badge and sweat and work hard and try my best. So much good in this life, I just can't even contain it.

Well I must go now. Shopping to do and stuff. I'm really love Elder Jacobsen. We are getting into some teaching situations with members. LOve you all! I can write friends now by the way! New rule in the mission today!

.SUper glad that my brother is getting his papers in! And that that thing didn't have to happen to him. Some of you know what I'm talking about. SHUDDER

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