Thursday, June 19, 2014

Fun Stuff

Now the fun stuff:

So we met this crazy girl down campus who called herself a unicorn because she is Vegan. She invited us "Stallions" to come to dinner sometime. So we set up a time for this last Friday and invited a member who is a cop to come with us. We showed up to the home which was actually a shack labeled "Unicorn Palace" in Laguna Beach Canyon. Laguna Beach Canyon is known for having the world’s most interesting people so just pulling up Elder Epperson and I became very scared. We were invited in and we said we would just take a look around outside first and then called the member to find out where he was at. I will never forget Elder Epperson's face as he was told that the member was no longer coming. Sweet, a candle lit dinner with smooth jazz and a unicorn all by ourselves in the world's craziest place. We stayed out of the house and kept all the rules mind you! But, we sure had fun with it to and made it out safe.

The other story is simple, We had dinner on a boat in Dana Point Harbor with a super cool member. Really fun. End story.

Just got back from Big Air Trampoline park with the zone. Jammed my finger and feeling sore. Gooood Stuff though. I found a guy named Brother Grace earlier this week and he was selling Christian Apparel to feed the homeless. Elder Epperson and I couldn't resist and bought these hilarious shirts that say "I love to worship" and have some black Christians dancing in the background. We wore them to zone activity today. Super funny. 
--Elder Gemperline

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