Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bye Elder Hegland

Tuesday night I attended the funeral of my good friend no longer Elder Ian Hegland. HE GONNNEEEE!!!! It wasn't that sad though cause I'll see him again soon. It was a really fun meeting to talk about all the funny times he had. To which he replied at the end "President, I've had a really weird mission." I would say so being reassigned twice. He is really missed though by many in the mission. I've never seen as strong a testimony as I have seen with him. Every time he would share it there was no denying he knew it and I knew it. I wish I could bear testimony like him.
Well it was honestly a pretty rough week. We had cancellation after cancellation but that's fine we had fun along the way. Went to MLC and received some pretty basic trainings on dress and grooming and simple teaching skills regarding Ch.10 in PMG.
Nothing special. It's been pretty hot as of late. Getting up into the mid 90's the other day.
Got in a bash earlier this week down campus that was actually effective and good. Those are rare few and far between.
OH! So Thursday night we had an institute activity where it was a super hero themed BBQ and Dance. It was sweet because B brought his swords from Medieval times that spark when you hit them together. We got some cool vids and pictures!
  Our investigator from Hollywood is really making progress. We were able to hear him bear his testimony that Joseph Smith is the Prophet Called by Jesus Christ in priesthood meeting yesterday. It was really cool cause he used to really question that and argue against it. It's cool to know our visits and efforts are actually making a difference.
I'm buying a bunch of Salmon patties and Quinoa from Costco today so I can be healthy when I return home! YAY HEALTHY! But first I need more free Golden Spoon... mmmmmmmm BYE! 
--Elder Gemperline

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