Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Well the time has come. This will be the last post I personally make in this blog cause I head on into the MTC in the morning and I will be handing all responisbilites of updating this blog to my dear and loved mother. :) I am very excited to go. I'm currently just getting the last of the things I think I will need to take with me as well as hoping and praying my bags aren't over the allowable weight limit of 50 lbs. It would be a lot easier if my dad hadn't broken the scale.. hahaha kidding he didn't break the scale. The scale was just broken one morning. Anyway... I will be set apart in a couple of hours and i'm truely looking forward to everything. It is great to be moving on with life. To have the opportunity to serve and though I of course am emotional cause of all the lasts I am having for 2 years. I'm just too overjoyed to be going to really be sad for more than a few seconds. Well wish me luck and pray for all the missionaires! Next post will probably be my first few experiences in the MTC Provo. Love you all!

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