Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Last week as a Carlsbad Missionary... :(:

Taylor Gemperline
12:30 PM (20 hours ago)
Well this will be my last week as a Carlsbad Missionary. We will be getting President Orgill in 6 days and the Irvine Mission will become a reality. TW are taking our last trip down to Vista to say goodbye to President and Sister Cook and anyone else we need to say goodbye to. It will truely be a sad occasion. I"M GOING TO MISS THEM SO MUCH! It makes me so sad. :( I love President and Sister Cook more than I can say. At the same time. I'm so excited to meet President Orgill! He sounds so awesome and I am sure I'll be able to help in some way somewhere down the road. It is going to be an awesome experience.

This last week was fantastic! We had our few non-commital investigators cancel on us and suddenly it looked like we were not going to be able to make our goals by any means for the week. We got down and showed the Lord though that we were willing to do anything for miracles to happen and to see our goals accomplished. We ended up getting 2 lessons with random people throughout the week. 

This week I also had a fantastic birthday thank you everyone! I Got up and had a most delightful run. Had a great District Meeting. Elder VanQ still had no idea it was my birhtday. Upon writing the schedule on the board I lower capsed everything Except "B""I"R"T"H"D"A"Y"2"1". He eventually figured it out and then we went to a restraunt for lunch as a district. Later on in the day we got to go to the Fantastic Webber home for dinner and a lesson. My mother had been in contact with her of course so I was not surprised to find she knew it was my birthday but It was definitely fantastic to have a homemade German Chocolate Cake! Mmmmmm. I also got super awesome presents. I felt very loved. The Webbers are awesome. I think our families would get along just swell. 

Lastly, I pulled a muscle in my back this last week. I can still function and it will fix as I stretch it but the really cool thing was I was able to offer Elder VanQ his first opportunity to ever give a blessing.

My sweet mother got me a tripod that can mount to pretty much anything and I mounted it to my bike and filmed a bike ride. Pretty fun and awesome. 

Well hoping to see miracles with the new Irvine Mission. Lets turn another leaf in the page shall we? Love you all much. Carry on. 

--Elder Gemperline

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