Thursday, May 23, 2013

Greenies are Coming!

This week was a pretty cool week. On Wednesday night we got a call from President and Elder Bunker became distraught because he knew what it meant. He looked at me and mouthed "Ah crap! You're going to train so I'm going to have to leave!" then I looked at him and said jokingly, "it's for you actually, Elder". Then after President asked me to again be a trainer he said to actually give the phone to Elder Bunker. Turns out I was right and he was asked to be a District Leader! I'm so proud of him! He is scared out of his mind but it was so cool. He is also just distraught about having to leave his first area which is pretty sad and funny at the same time. We spent a lot of time this last visiting the families in the ward and the ward really really does just absolutely love Elder Bunker. I hope that I can gain the same love from the ward because with that love comes great success. 

It will be fun to train again as well! I went to the trainers training meeting and actually went through it with my Papa Elder Tetuanui and my best friend Elder Hegland there! Both of them are training again which is super cool! We will try to get a "Family" picture at transfer with my mission Father, Brother and Elder T's two grandsons" It's a silly lingo we speak here but it is fun to see. Especially since I was talking to Elder T in private for about 10 minutes and I came to the realization that he leaves home for Tahiti in 6 weeks! He has had a fantastic mission and I am devastated to see him go naturally, but everyone dies sometime and returns to their home right? We talked about how I had used what he taught me to help others and it was a precious moment to talk about things that were and a little of what was to come. I gave him our home phone so that he can call you when he comes to utah in July. He wants to see if maybe he can have a quick lunch with the family or anything. I love him so much. 

This morning while we were out running we decided to go off the beaten path into a forested area and as we were running through a meadow we literally got surrounded by skunks. Only through the ministration of angels am I convinced we got out of there without being sprayed. 

We had the opportunity late Thursday night to go out and find the  young man whom we gave a Book of Mormon to. We taught him the first discussion standing through the door step because he is too young to allow us into his home. As we answered his questions like, "Why is there sin" and "Why do we have to deal with evil while on Earth." as well as, "What happened between the time christ died and the time the Bible was written?" He took our message and declared that it all just makes sense! He is from a really bad part of LA and his background is one of the roughest I've actually ever heard. He however has a great desire to follow the savior and he was going to come to church on Sunday. Sadly however, he had an emergency early that morning and left us a rushed note begging for forgiveness because he had to cancel on coming to church. We of course forgave the most sincere note and we are really hoping that he will come along sometime soon. We also talked to Danielle last night and she should be finally coming to church this Sunday and meeting with us again. It will be  great to again make progress in that direction. 

The last thing I would like to make mention of is District Meeting last Wednesday. Elder Bunker and I gave a training on Bearing Testimony over the first vision. As we explained the importance of Bearing testimony and how it is through sharing what we KNOW that the Holy Ghost confirms truth. Elder C became emotional. He raised his hand and opened his journal. He read a short excerpt from a few nights before and then bore testimony. "I know that because I shared my testimony with myself I could remember who I was and why I am here. I know I am a son of God and am blessed to serve and help these people who really do need me." He began to weep and continued. "I know this knowledge has brought me answers to life long questions and that it will forever change my mission and life and that the savior lives." I began to cry as well as I could see that Elder C really has made such great progress as a missionary and his testimony was most sincere. He then in the training practice gave the most beautiful sincere testimony and recitation of the Prophet Joseph Smith I have ever heard. It was great. I love this district and am glad it is for the most part the same. 

Well I love you all. Keep up the good work. Our family is so talented. It's awesome you all found your talents. :P I'm still not sure I have any specific talent as much as just generally ok at everything excpet soccer :P

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